El reportaje de KPBS: Caso Cecut

Tijuana's Artists Boycott Museum

Tijuana’s most important cultural institution has been the target of a boycott by local artists and writers for the past three years. At the center of it is a politician-turned-museum director accused of corruption.


The Binational Center for Human Rights’ report [about the corruption in the Instituto Nacional de Migración] came out in the spring of 1995, at the same time the Mexican State Attorney’s office was investigating Muñoz [who was then the INM delegate in Tijuana]. Within days, Virgilio Muñoz was arrested for corruption. But later that same week, the well-connected Muñoz was released. Over the next few years, he cycled through other political posts in Baja California, like state education secretary. Just three years ago, he was placed back in Tijuana, as the director of a major museum [Cecut].

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